About Mark

About Me

My name is Mark Mulder, I was born in 1977 in Den Haag, the Netherlands. I have been involved in photography since 1999, when i first acquired a second-hand 35mm SLR from my father. Since that moment I've been greedily learning about various different styles and disciplines of photography, from urban to macro.

Since I don't want to align myself with any specific genre, I present on this site a broad cross-section of my favorite works over the years. I am currently living in the Netherlands, with short-term future plans for a relocation to Canada. If you want to contact me about a freelance assignment, or just want to drop me a note, get in touch.

About The Site

Besides spending time on photography, I actually have a day job, building internet. This website is running on a low-maintenance yet very versatile gallery application, built in PHP. It's perfect for the photographer or artist looking for an easy and easily customizable way to present their works on their website. This gallery app is available for your use, for free. Have a look at this, and some of my other applications here.